JURE is the network of Junior Researchers of EARLI. JURE is dedicated to the interests of all junior researchers in  the field of learning and instruction. Primary aim of JURE is to represent and support research students on matters that are of interest to them. Furthermore, learning and interaction among junior and senior researchers are significant goals for JURE.

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JURE 2019 Organising Committee

Do you want to be part of the JURE 2019 Organising Committee?
As EARLI is the biggest educational association in Europe and JURE is the only type of Junior Conference of its kind, you will get a unique insight into the workings of the association and first hand experience in Conference organising. As such, organising a JURE Pre-Conference offers an authentic training in conference organising and management.

You will also be working together with peers from all over Europe, allowing for an interesting exchange between colleagues and great networking opportunities!  And, of course, it is great fun to be part of the organising committee!
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JURE 2018 Conference

July 2nd - 6th 2018

JURE organises annual (pre-) conferences that offer the possibility to meet fellow junior researchers from all over Europe, to exchange ideas and experiences with junior and senior researchers and to develop research skills in an international context. JURE provides an environment where juniors can socialise and participate in a scientific community.

The JURE 2018 Conference will take place at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

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JURE membership

JURE membership is aimed at master and PhD students, as well as graduates who have received their doctorate within the last two years.

Being a JURE member allows you to take part in the JURE and EARLI Conferences and meet colleagues from all over Europe. EARLI commits itself to offering junior researchers the opportunity to become actively involved in the association, at a strongly reduced fee (€ 35 per calendar year).

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Each year, five JURE members will be given the opportunity to benefit from an international mentoring visit for a period of 2-4 weeks.  The mentor, who is an EARLI member and an experienced scholar in his/her respective field, can provide guidance and support to the doctoral student in a variety of themes. This grant is not intended to finance regular PhD-project activities.

For more information, please contact the EARLI office or JURE portfolio holder Piet Van den Bossche.

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Application Mentoring Grant

To apply for the JURE Mentoring Grant, click here to download the forms you need for your application. It includes the application form, a statement of commitment from the mentor and for PhD students a statement of support from your supervisor. After the visit, we need a document describing the mentoring activities during the visit and all travel documents and receipts.

You can send in your application to EARLI Office (info@earli.org) before the deadline: 23 of February 2018. The applicants will be informed about the decisions by the end of March 2018. All information will be updated on our website.


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