EARLI is governed by an international Executive Committee (EC), responsible for setting out the broader strategies and policies of the association.
The day-to-day management of the EARLI activities is carried out by the EARLI Office, located in Leuven (Belgium).

Executive Committee

Hans Gruber

Prof. Hans Gruber
EARLI President

Portfolio holder General Strategy
and International Relations

Sanna Järvelä

Prof. Sanna Järvelä
EARLI President-Elect

Portfolio holder for SIGs and EFGs

Eleni Kyza

Prof. Eleni Kyza
Secretary - Treasurer

Portfolio holder for Finance, IT, HR,
Legal and Facilities


Prof. Liisa Postareff

Portfolio Holder for JURE

Daniel Muijs

Prof. Daniel Muijs

Portfolio Holder for Communication

Ali Leijen

Prof. Äli Leijen

Portfolio Holder for Publications

Angelika Kullberg







Prof. Angelika Kullberg

Portfolio Holder for EARLI
activities (ASC and E-CIR)

Eero Ropo







Prof. Eero Ropo

EARLI 2017 Conference President

Patrick Belpaire







Patrick Belpaire

Managing Director

EARLI Office

Patrick Belpaire

Patrick Belpaire

Managing Director

Thomas Daniels

Thomas Daniels
EARLI Project Manager

EARLI and JURE Conferences

Lisa Vanhaeren

Lisa Vanhaeren
EARLI Project Assistant

SIGs, EFGs and social media

Tonia Davison

Tonia Davison
EARLI Project Assistant

Membership, finances and website

Liesbeth Braem

Liesbeth Braem
EARLI Project Assistant

EARLI journals, E-CIR and ASC

Inneke Berghmans

Inneke Berghmans
EAPRIL Project Manager

EAPRIL activities


Jan Vermunt

Prof. Jan Vermunt

Learning and Instruction

Mien Seghers

Prof. Mien Seghers

New Perspectives on Learning and Instruction

David Gijbels

Prof. David Gijbels

Educational Research Review

Erno Lehtinen

Prof. Erno Lehtinen

Frontline Learning Research


Every two years, all EARLI members elect the new EARLI Executive Committee, responsible for governing the association and making policy decisions. 

All EARLI members were offered the chance to cast their vote for their preferred President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer and Ordinary Members. The voting deadline expired on the 31st of May, 2017.

The election results will be announced during the Members Meeting at the EARLI 2017 Conference in Tampere!