SIG 15 - Special Educational Needs


Dieter Baeyens

University of Leuven, Belgium

Pirjo Aunio

University of Oslo, Norway

Jannis Bosch

Potsdam University, Germany

Mission statement


One of the major aspirations shared by educators and researchers is promotion of the integration into society of individuals with special needs as people deserving assistance so that they may realize their potential and contribute to society. The research community has a key role to play in addressing the associated challenges. 
SIG 15 brings together researchers from across the globe who are involved in the study of Special Educational Needs at all levels (classroom, school and system), from first-graders to adults, for the purpose of meeting these challenges. Among its objectives, SIG includes research to improve our understanding of the unique character of special educational needs as well as to improve learning and instruction in a range of settings: the classroom, the home, hospitals, institutions, wherever special education is available. 
At our upcoming meeting we plan to discuss the possibility of creating a research group to engage in shared research and publication on current issues such as the instruction of students with special needs within inclusive settings, assistive technology, and other topics of interest to the participants.


SIG 15 Biennial Conference

Inclusive education: An integrated research framework on disability, diversity and heterogeneity in education
September 12th to 14th, 2018 (Pre-Conference on September 11th)
Potsdam, Germany