EARLI 2019 - Social Events


All EARLI 2019 delegates who would like to start the first conference day with a nice cup of coffee are welcome to join Conference President Marold Wosnitza and JURE Co-Chair Kerstin Helker on Monday, august 12th, at 8:15am at Maqii – a small roastery close to the conference venue. Especially invited are those who attend EARLI for the first time – Enjoy your coffee and get your questions answered and be guided to the C.A.R.L. building exclusively by locals. 

Please fill in your name and contact details if you would like to attend before August 2nd.


The doctoral consortium lunch meeting is meant for PhD students who are at the final stages of their doctoral studies, or Junior Researchers who have recently earned their doctoral degree. The meeting focuses on sharing information and experiences about the Mentoring Grant. JURE members can yearly apply for a Mentoring Grant to be used for an international mentoring visit for a period of 2-4 weeks. Everyone interested to hear more about the mentoring grant are welcome to participate! 

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Monday 12th of August at 12:15.


EARLI President Sanna Järvelä discusses Researching socially shared regulation in learning.

The Presidential Address is followed by the EARLI 2019 Award Ceremony, where the Erik de Corte Award, Outstanding Publication Award and Oeuvre Award are granted.

The Presidential Address will take place on Monday 12th of August at 17:15 in Lecture Hall - H03.


Join us for the EARLI 2019 Opening Reception and start your conference in a festive spirit!

Monday 12th of August at 19:00 in the Foyer of the C.A.R.L. building.


The Lunch with Professors offers young researchers the opportunity to meet and discuss with experts in their field of research, while enjoying a good lunch and a nice cup of coffee at the same time.

Tues, 13 August: Stuart Karabenick, Gavin Brown, Bart Rienties, Engin Ader, Sari Lindblom, Jonathan Osborn, Åsa Mäkitalo

Weds, 14 August: Nikol Rummel, Wim Van Dooren, Armin Weinberger, Karine Verschueren, Cornelis de Brabander, Synnøve Matre, Manu Kapur

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All SIG members are invited to join the SIG Business Meetings at the EARLI 2019 Conference.
These will take place on Tuesday the 13th of August at the following times:

Tuesday 13th of August, 17.15 - 18.15: Uneven SIG Business Meetings
Tuesday 13th of August, 18.15 - 19.15: Even SIG Business Meetings

These meetings will also be followed by a SIG Dinner.
Contact the SIG Coordinators should you have any questions about this.


All EARLI 2019 delegates are invited to take part in the EARLI Members' Meeting, on Wednesday 14th of August from 17:15 - 18:45 at the C.A.R.L. building, Lecturel Hall - H03. This assembly meeting is lead by the current EARLI Executive Committee and EARLI President Sanna Järvelä.


Before each keynote session, we offer a 5 to 7-minutes activity break in Lecture Hall H01, which is led by qualified trainers from the university sports centre (start at 13:35). The exercises include loosening, stretching, relaxing and strengthening exercises, especially for the shoulder, neck and back muscles. The aim of this moving break is to increase concentration and well-being so that the delegates can take up the contents of the following keynotes even better.


The EARLI 2019 Gala Dinner will be served exclusively at the Aachen Coronation Hall, which on its completion around 1349 was the largest secular hall in the Holy Roman Empire. While in the Middle Ages it hosted the coronation banquets, today it is the International Charlemagne Prize that gives the hall its European significance.

The Gala Dinner will be held on Friday the 16th of August to mark the festive end of the conference.
Places for the dinner are limited, so make sure to purchase your ticket when registering for EARLI 2019. Admittance will only be offered to delegates who purchased a dinner ticket beforehand.


In a change to previous EARLI conferences, we offer an open afterparty for all delegates, on Friday (August 16th - 22:30)! The EARLI 2019 afterparty gives all delegates the opportunity to join the informal part of the evening. No admittance fee, you will only have to pay for your drinks. The afterparty will take place at the Pontstrasse 72 – only a three minutes walk from the Coronation Hall. If you would like to attend the party, you can already add your three favourite party tracks to the Spotify EARLI 2019 Afterparty Megamix . We are looking forward to a great party!