Find the answers to all our frequently asked questions below.

1. EARLI Account

1.1 Why do I need an EARLI account?

You need an EARLI account if you want to become a member of EARLI or if you want to attend an EARLI Conference. You also need an account to submit a proposal for EARLI, SIG and JURE Conferences.

Creating an EARLI account is free, and does not require the purchase of membership.

1.2 How do I create an EARLI account?

You can easily create an EARLI account at earli-eapril.org/create-account.
Follow the steps and fill out your personal information. You will receive an automated e-mail in order to activate your account.

1.3 I can no longer access my account after updating my email address.

As soon as you update your email address in your account, this becomes your new username.

1.4 I have created an EARLI account but can still not log in. What should I do?

After creating your EARLI account, you need to activate it by clicking the URL in the automated e-mail. If you have not received your activation e-mail, please check your spam folder. Should the problem still occur, please contact info@earli.org.

1.5 I have forgotten my password. Can I retrieve it?

You can request a new password to be sent to the e-mail address linked to your EARLI account here. If you haven't received your new password within an hour of requesting a new one, make sure to check your spam folder.

1.6 I requested a new password, but it does not work.

When requesting a new password, simply copy / paste the new password in the provided entry box. Please be advised that, if you requested a new password more than once, you will need to use the last one sent to you.

1.7 Do I need to be a paying EARLI member in order to create an EARLI account?

No, you can create an EARLI account for free. You do need an EARLI account to purchase your EARLI and SIG membership.

1.8 I used to have an EARLI account on the old EARLI website. Does this still exist?

Yes, all existing EARLI accounts have been migrated from the old to the new system. You should be able to log in using the email address linked to your profile. Passwords have remained unchanged.

1.9 What does the message “This e-mail address already exists” mean when I am trying to create an account?

This means there is already an existing EARLI account linked to the e-mail address you are trying to register. You will not be able to register a new account linked to this e-mail address. Please contact the EARLI Office should you no longer have access to your existing EARLI account. We strongly discourage you to create double accounts.

1.10 I suddenly lost access to my account, after being able to log in shortly before. What happened?

Please be careful when using autofill to enter your personal and/or invoice details when purchasing a membership or registering for a conference. If the details saved on your computer are different from the information in your EARLI account, these will get overwritten. As such, you might accidentally have changed your EARLI login from your university's address, to your personal email address. Try logging in with a different email address known to you, and see whether that has resolved the issue.

2. Membership

2.1 What are the benefits of being an EARLI member?

As an EARLI member you will be able to register at a discount fee for all EARLI and JURE Conferences, as well for SIG Conferences.

You become part of our large network, representing more than 2000 active researchers in learning and instruction. As a member you will receive first-hand information on our activities, and will be notified when new jobs and research positions become available in our network of universities and institutions.

You also need to be an EARLI member in order to participate in the Biennial EARLI Conferences, as well as when you want to publish your research in one of EARLI’s journals.

Find out more about the EARLI membership benefits here.

2.2 Should I apply for FULL, JURE or Longstanding membership?

EARLI offers three membership types, depending on your academic status. If you are currently a PhD student or have graduated within the last three years, you are eligible for JURE membership (€ 40).

For EARLI members over 67 years of age, we offer Longstanding Membership (€ 40).

If you do not fall in the JURE or Longstanding membership category, you are best to apply for FULL membership (€ 80). If you are working in a low GDP country, you will automatically be offered a reduced FULL members fee (€ 40).

2.3 How much does EARLI and SIG membership cost?

Full EARLI membership costs € 80,00 per calendar year, with a reduced rate for senior researchers working in low-GDP countries at € 40,00 per calendar year. JURE and Longstanding memberships cost € 40,00 per calendar year.

Each EARLI member is entitled to two complimentary SIG memberships. Additional SIG memberships will cost € 10,00 per calendar year. You can purchase as many SIG memberships as you like.

2.4 How long is my membership valid?

EARLI membership always runs per calendar year, from January until December. You will receive a notification when your membership is due to expire, allowing you plenty of time to renew your membership on time.

2.5 How do I become a SIG member?

You need to be an EARLI member in order to be a SIG member. In other words, it is not possible to only purchase SIG memberships without also purchasing EARLI membership.

2.6 How can I purchase additional SIG membership?

You can easily purchase your SIG memberships when purchasing your EARLI membership, in our membership shop. You can also add SIG memberships to your existing membership afterwards.

2.7 My membership order is still “not approved”, although I have paid for my membership. What should I do?

If your order status is still “not approved”, even after having made your payment, this is most likely due to the fact that you have not supplied the EARLI Office with a proof of student status or with a proof of date of birth. If you have purchased JURE or Longstanding membership, you need to supply such a proof before your membership can be fully processed. If you do not do this, your membership will not be fully processed, and you will therefore not be able to register for EARLI events at the reduced rate for EARLI members.

3. Submissions

3.1 How can I submit a proposal?

You can find all conferences which are open for submissions via “my submissions”. You can either select to submit a single proposal or a symposium.

Please consult the conference’s specific submission guidelines in order to prepare your proposal.

3.2 Do I need to submit a full paper or abstract?

Most conferences will have specific submission settings, indicating whether you need to submit a full paper, abstract or extended summary. Please consult the conference’s specific submission guidelines in order to prepare your proposal.

3.3 Is EARLI membership required to submit a proposal?

EARLI membership is not required to submit a proposal, although you might need to be an EARLI member in order to participate in the Conference, should your proposal be accepted. In general, SIG and JURE Conferences are open to all participants. For participating in the Biennial EARLI Conference, EARLI membership is required.

3.4 Can I submit for more than one conference?

Yes, you can submit for as many conferences as you like. You can find an overview of all conferences open for submissions via “my submissions”.

3.5 Where can I find more information regarding the submission requirements and different type of proposals?

Please consult the conference website where you can find more information on the submission requirements and proposal types.

3.6 Is there a limit or word count for the length of submissions?

Yes, there is a limit to the length of your abstract or extended summary. Please consult the conference’s specific submission guidelines in order to prepare your proposal.

3.7 Does the paper submission word count include tables and references?

Yes, it does. Include only the most important references in your extended summary. For tables, it is advised to convert them into an image and upload them as an attachment.

3.8 Is there a limit to the number of proposals one can submit?

Yes, there is a limit to the amount of proposals you can submit for one conference. In general, you can act twice as a presenting author, once as a chairperson and once as a discussant, for a total of four appearances. However, some conferences will have specific rules. Please consult the conference’s specific submission guidelines in order to prepare your proposal.

3.9 How do I know whether my proposal was successfully submitted?

After your successfully submitting your proposal, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail. You will also be able to see that the submission in “My submissions” has been updated to the “pending announcement” status.

3.10 Do I need an EARLI account for co-authors who will not attend the EARLI conference?

No, you do not. You only need the credentials for presenting authors, chairs and discussants. You will need their e-mail address linked to their EARLI account in order to add them to your proposal.

3.11 I have submitted my proposal, but forgot an attachment. What should I do?

It is not possible to update your proposal after submitting, so please make sure to add all necessary attachments before submitting. If you need to update your proposal after submission, please contact the conference organiser.

3.12 How do I know whether my submission was accepted?

Once the review process has ended, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the review result. You will also be able to see your review result in your EARLI account, under “my submissions”.

3.13 What should I do after my submission has been accepted?

When your proposal has been accepted it will be added to the conference programme. You are best to register for the conference as soon as possible, so the conference organisers know they can count on your participation. Some Conferences will have a presenter registration deadline, so be sure to register before this date.

3.14 If a symposium is rejected, will all the four individual papers be rejected?

No, if a symposium is rejected, the individual contributions could still be accepted as single papers or posters. As well as being notified of the review result, you will be informed on the submission type your proposal has been accepted as. Should the “accepted type” differ from the “submission type”, this indicates that the reviewers and conference organiser have agreed to accept your proposal as a different type than it was originally submitte

3.15 How do I know when my submission has been scheduled for presentation?

You will be notified when the Conference programme becomes available. You can also find your sessions in your EARLI account, under “my sessions” once the conference programme has been made available.

3.16 My submission has been accepted, but I cannot participate in the conference. What should I do?

Should you not be able to participate in the conference, please contact the conference organiser as soon as possible.

4. Reviews

4.1 How can I become a reviewer?

You can sign up as a reviewer for EARLI, SIG and JURE conferences through your EARLI account, under “My reviews”. You will need to indicate your expertise through domains, SIGs and keywords. Please be advised that the conference organiser will evaluate all applicants before appointing them as a reviewer. You will receive an automated confirmation e-mail when you have been accepted as a reviewer.

4.2 Do I need to be an EARLI member in order to act as a reviewer?

This depends on the conference. In general, you need to have been an active EARLI member in order to act as a reviewer for the EARLI Biennial Conference. For other conferences, such as the SIG and JURE Conference, it is possible that you are selected to act as a reviewer even without being an EARLI member.

4.3 Where can I find the submissions I am supposed to review?

You can find all submissions assigned to you via your EARLI account, under “my reviews”. Please be mindful of the review deadline, and make sure to submit your reviews before this deadline.

4.4 What should I do if I have to cancel my review duties?

If you are unable to act as a reviewer, please contact the conference organiser as soon as possible.

5. Registrations

5.1 How do I register for a conference?

You can register for a conference through the registration link found on the Conference website and by clicking the "register" button in your EARLI account.

5.2 Does EARLI offer student discounts or travel grant options for participants?

In general, each conference offers a reduced fee for PhD students if you are a registered JURE member of EARLI.

5.3 Do I need to be an EARLI member in order to register for a conference?

You need to be an EARLI member in order to participate in the Biennial EARLI Conference, although SIG and JURE Conferences are generally open to non-members. Should membership be required for a conference, you will be asked to purchase your membership prior to registering, as this cannot be purchased together with your registration.

5.4 Am I entitled to a refund when I cannot attend the conference I registered for?

Please note that you might not be entitled to a full refund when registering for an EARLI, SIG or JURE conference. Each conference will have a different refund policy. This is usually included in your order registration email.

6. Orders and Payments

6.1 How can I pay for my EARLI membership or conference registration?

EARLI offers various online payment options: VISA, MasterCard, Bancontact, Maestro, iDEAL and Sofort. All orders will be followed up with an order comfirmation email as well as an official invoice.

6.2 How do I know whether my payment was successful?

If your payment was successful, you will receive an automated e-mail notifying you of your processed payment. You can also keep an eye on your orders and their payment status via your EARLI account, under “My Orders”. In general, if the status of your order is "approved" and "paid", it has been processed successfully. A .PDF receipt of your order will also be available for download in your user dashboard as soon as your order has been successfully handled.

6.3 My payment has failed, what should I do?

If your payment has failed, you will see the status "failed" next to the order in your user dashboard. Your order has therefore not been processed by EARLI. You are advised to place a new order to ensure your membership or conference registration. Only orders with the statuses "paid" and "approved" have been fully processed by EARLI.

6.4 Where can I find my invoice?

All orders are followed up with an official invoice. You may expect this document to be delivered to you via e-mail within 7 working days.

6.5 What does "I'm paying as an individual or company/institute" mean?

Please select whether you are paying as a regular customer (individual) or as a business (company / institute). Selecting to pay as a company / institute will require you to enter a valid VAT number. The details you enter here will automatically be displayed on your invoice and cannot be changed after the order has been completed.