SIG 15 - Special Educational Needs


Pirjo Aunio

University of Helsinki, Finland

Jo van Herwegen

University College London, UK

Jannis Bosch

University of Potsdam, Germany

Nadina Gómez Merino

University of Valencia, Spain

Mission statement

SIG 15 is an international scientific research interest group that brings together early career and established researchers and other stakeholders (e.g., practitioners, associations, charities), from across the globe, with an interest in the education and inclusion of individuals with special educational needs (SEN) of all ages. Through scientific discussions, collaboration, and exchanging research outcomes, SIG15 aims to further the understanding of those with SEN and to improve learning, instruction in a broad range of settings, and inclusion for individuals with SEN so that they may realize their full potential in society.

Guidance for the inclusion of students with Special Educational Needs for online learning

Members from SIG 15 (many of them early career researchers and JURE members) have put together guidance to support parents and professionals with regards to inclusion of students with Special Educational Needs during online learning.

Consult the document in English, FinnishGreek, Spanish or Swedish.


NEW: SIG 15 Brown Bag Meetings

Next presentation: "Neuromyths about neurodevelopmental disorders: Misconceptions by educators and the general public" by Jo van Herwegen
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